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Yesterday, the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) launched the “Kigali State of Environment and Outlook Report 2013″. The report provides decision makers with information about the state of Kigali’s environment and suggests policy responses to make Kigali ” a state of the art and aesthetically appealing city”, as per Rwanda’s Vision 2020.

Dr Rose Mukankomeje Manager of the REMA
Dr Rose Mukankomeje Manager of the REMA

According to Stanislas Kamanzi, Minister of Natural Resources, Kigali contributes 50% of the country’s GDP and it is therefore critical that green economic growth policy options and adaptations are given full consideration.

Dr. Rose Mukankomeje, Director General of REMA says the report will help to improve environmental sustainability as well as climate resiliency and green growth.

“This report will contribute to creating a green and climate resilient city, a key input to the future we want: national sustainable development,” Dr. Mukankomeje said.

According to Mr. Fidele Ndayisaba, Mayor of the City of Kigali, the report fits within Rwanda’s economic and poverty reduction strategy.

“This report will help the city benefit from an independent scientific opinion on the environmental baseline and available policy options to enrich our processes as we pursue a green city.”

Key recommendations of the report include mainstreaming climate adaptation and mitigation strategies into all aspects of city policies, planning and projects; and incorporating policies to help implement the city’s plans for high-density urban development into all sectors and to integrate social, cultural, economic and environmental aspects into housing policies.

Others include implementing a transport system that favours public transit, walking and cycling; devising city policies to support the national building code’s new resource efficiency measures and adopting an integrated, proactive flood management approach at the watershed level within the national Disaster Risk Reduction

“Kigali State of Environment and Outlook Report 2013” is the third in the series of reports on the state of environment in Rwanda. The reports are prepared by REMA every two years.

Kigali is home to 10.8 percent of Rwanda’s total population ( one million people) and is one of Africa’s fastest- growing cities.

With this success comes challenges that include inadequate water and energy infrastructures, liquid and solid waste management, air and water pollution as well as unsustainable production and consumption lifestyles.