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Kenya ports Authority (KPA) will today officially open a liaison office in Kigali to act as a link between Rwandan shippers and the Port of Mombasa, East Africa’s biggest gateway to global markets.

Logo of KPA

In a statement issued yesterday, KPA said the new office located at the Grand Pension Plaza will “cater for the business community in the transit market in Rwanda, routing their cargo through the Mombasa port.”

The Kenya Port

KPA has over the last few years been working to improve the flow of cargo through Mombasa amid complaints by importers of delays in cargo clearing destined for landlocked countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

Transport Cabinet Secretary Michael Kamau

The Kigali liaison office will help bridge the information gap between Rwanda shippers and the port that handles most of Rwanda’s import and export trade. KPA has a similar office in Uganda.

The Kenya Cabinet Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure, Michael Kamau, will commission the office.

Source:The New Times