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As the World Economic Forum Summit will be starting  in Rwanda in few months ahead, today the Rwanda Development Board Manager Francis Gatare held a meeting with all development actors and partners as to assess the opportunities that they could eventually gaining from it.

Francis Gatare
Francis Gatare

At the occasion, Mr Gatare urged them to be well prepared for it and try to create different innovative goods and services that will be sold to visitors and therefore gain money and make Rwanda proud of its being a host country.

To him, the government duty was to ensure that the Summit will take place in Kigali and this is no longer a myth.

A part from gaining money from the visitors, the summit will also allow Rwandan traders to nurture lasting ties with their counterparts and this will eventually enhance smooth exchange of goods and services between both sides.

The World Economic Forum summit will be taking place for its fourth time after it happened in South Africa, Tanzania and in Nigeria.

According to the schedule, it will take place on 11-13, May and will be attended by people from across the world.

The participants will be among 1500 and 2000, according to the previsions.

Investors from Rwanda and abroad were in the meeting
Investors from Rwanda and abroad were in the meeting

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