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As he was launching the Ewtp Platform, President Kagame told his audience that Rwanda highly values the bilateral partnership with China private sector in particular and with the Alibaba Group in particular. He therefore called upon Rwandan private sector to increase its competitiveness as to exchange more products with their Chinese counterparts.

P Kagame urged Rwandans to become more competitive and take full advantage of the cooperation between Rwanda and China

President Kagame challenged Rwandan young men and women to take full advantage of the partnership between Alibaba Group

President Kagame thanked Jack M, the Founder of Alibaba Group for having chosen Rwanda to pattern with in this new business venture called eWTP.

This new venture will help Rwandan business actors to sell their products using the Alibaba online platform.

Kagame told Ma that his a good believer who decides what to believe, and, in most cases, believes wisely.

He told him that Rwanda will be strengthening its bilateral ties with China in different areas for the interest of both nations.

Jack Ma, on his side, underlined the importance of building a system that supports developing countries and people.

He said that in the future, most of items will be made in Internet not in China not elsewhere.

Ma stressed the importance of having a clear vision if sustainable development is to be achieved.

The Alibaba Group  travel services platform, Fliggy, and the RDB will  work together to promote Rwanda as a tourist destination for Chinese and others  through a  Rwanda Tourism Store for booking flights, hotels and travel experiences.

It is also committed to providing capacity building to academics, policy makers and entrepreneurs on how to grow a digital economy, among other opportunities.

The eTrade will enhance profitability in the near future