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The Executive Director of the Rwandan Housing Authority, Eric Rubibi reveals that the country of these stadiums will start being implemented within two coming months.

The modern stadium will feature different areas to practice varying sports

These three stadiums will be set up in Gahanga (Kicukiro district), Bugesera, Ngoma and Nyagatare. Each of them is capable of hosting not less than 3000 people.

The construction of these stadiums fits into the government program to set up stadiums in different districts as to help youth acquire places to entertain and practice sports.

Eric Serubibi says that the government will be working closely with entrepreneurs to realize these projects.

He informs that there is one entrepreneur who has already started implementing the project in the sites chosen for the construction of the above stated stadiums.

He, however, declined to reveal the contract amount to pay the entrepreneur, saying that the truth about that amount will come out as when the construction activities will officially be on track..

The Bugesera stadium will be built in Nyamata city, The Nyagatare stadium will be set up nearby Nsheke area in Buja Cell, Nyagatare sector. The Ngoma stadium is scheduled to be built in Kibungo square.

Serubibi reveals that the stadiums will feature other areas reserved for varying sports such as athletics, handball, basketball, volleyball, among other sports.

There are spaces to practice volleyvall, Basketball, Handball, etc
Government will be working with private investors to build the stadiums
Each stadium is spacious to host not less than 3000 people



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