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‘WSIS Project Prizes 2013’is an annual award reserved for a best performing actor in Information Technology Industry. This Year, Rwanda has launched a special IT initiative in journalism called Africa Digital Media(ADM) that trains youth in digital recording and filming industry and helps youth to set up  self-growing businesses in the industry.

For that real reason, Rwanda has been qualified for an award during a Ministerial Summit held in Geneva, Switzerland. The award was handled to Rwanda by the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS)

Rwandan student learning recording and filming skills.
Rwandan student learning recording and filming skills.

Ministers representing 140 countries across the world, IT experts, civil society representatives and different companies having IT in their attributions attended the summit. That award is set up by an international network of IT professionals which aims at awarding an outstanding actor able to enhance IT initiatives in fields of information technology, agriculture or in related fields.

Rwandan  Minister  in charge of Youth and Technology enhancement, Mr. Jean Philibert Nsengiyumva addressing the  congregation, stressed the fact the award symbolizes the inner willingness Rwandan government has in order  to reinforce IT use in key areas of national life such as education sector, business, entertainment,… so to foster self-employment and job creation amongst Rwandan youth.

“Rwanda has reduced the rate of inequality about information access among Rwandans, what is known as ‘digital divide.Mr Nsengimana reported.

Rwandan qualification came in after winning a tough competition between 280 IT projects presented by 64 countries competing for the same award.

Venuste Kamanzi