Rwanda and USA nurture positive relationships since 1994- Min Mushikiwabo – UMUSEKE – News indeed
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Rwandan Minister of foreign affairs, Louise Mushikiwabo  told RFI that Rwanda and USA have been in good relations since 1994 up to now.

Minister Louise Mushikiwabo
Minister Louise Mushikiwabo

She said that in a show of Radio France International where she explained that the relations between Rwanda and USA were moderated by the historical issues that Rwanda underwent.

Minister Mushiwabo said that despite some shortcomings that happened between both nations, a commitment to move forward is the only motive that keeps relations between both nations positive.

Talking about the crisis in CAR, Min Mushikiwabo says there is a hope for a better future in  that country even though a lot remains to be done.

She said that it is in Rwanda’s duties as a state that represents Africa in the UN Security council  to follow what is happening in CAR and intervene whenever necessary.

Minister Mushikiwabo reacted to the preceding reports of experts accusing Rwanda to secretly support the former M23 rebels. She said these reports are baseless similarly to the preceding ones that have been released two or three years ago.


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