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Fund for Peace reports that Rwanda is unsecured as well as Mali. A look at a list of 40 unsecured countries shows that Rwanda occupies a 40th  place. Rwanda is known as country that emerges very rapidly from endemic poverty in different areas.

Colors here show how safer countries are in comparison to others.

Rwanda facilities investment in the country which ranks it as number one in Africa. Rwandans who overcame poverty occupy 13% of the total population and this has been in only five years.

Another astonishing fact is that Fund for Peace ranks Rwanda with Mali, Rwandan Defense forces are highly recommended to actively participate in peacekeeping missions across World including Mali itself.

According to Fund for Peace in its yearly report called Failed-state index in collaboration with Foreign Policy Magazine Rwanda occupies 38 place while Mali has the same ranking as well as Rwanda.

The report bases its categorization on different criteria such as demographic pressure, Human flight, Economic Decline, Delegitimization of the State, Human Rights and Public Services among others.

Here is a list as published by Fund for Peace


According to this report Libya is safer than Rwanda. It also shows that Burundi securer than Kenya while Tanzania is the highly secured country in the EAC.

The Organization assesses 178 countries where marks are set over 120 marks .This is its ninety time to publish  such a list upon which a country that has more marks is the most endangered among the sampled ones.

Inkindi Sangwa