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Youth from Rwamagana district told Umuseke that the newly built Agakiriro village is helping them to earn money and live in a relatively comfortable way.

Youth people from Rwamagana are proud of the Agakiriro village
Youth people from Rwamagana are proud of the Agakiriro village

They say that this new opportunity has been of a great help to them as they use skills to benefit from wood making skills and metal working. They however face challenges related to the lack of useful roads for effective trade and communication

The Agakiriro village built in Rwamagana, is also located in Kigabiro sector, Cyanya cell and is composed of 94 active shareholders.
The site is also attended by different daily part time workers who come to search for living means.

The combined number is at least 200 people, who earn their living conditions from the Rwamagana’s Agakiriro village.

The executive secretary of the Agakiriro village called Bayingana Theobald said that some of the attendants of the village have a certain level of education while others do not.

At the other side, the activities they do increase their skills and help them to nurture ties with each other.

One of the beneficiaries of the Agakiriro village located in Rwamagana affirms that the fact that the site is new will not affect their activities and make it a hub for vocational development and youth empowerment.

Marie Musabyimana who works in the wood working activities at the village told Umuseke that she hopes to earn more knowledge than before.

She added that her life changed since she started working at the village and hopes this will be more beneficial to her in the coming future.

The only key challenge they face is to lack a practicable road that can play a role in transport and communication between the village and its neighboring areas.

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