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The Volleyball team of the Rusumo High School (RHS) is currently achieving high in the National volleyball championship as it won over the Groupe Scolaire St Joseph Volleyball team with 18 to 16 scores.

 The Saint Joseph team is among the best volleyball performing clubs in secondary schools of Rwanda. The game started at 1  o’clock this Tuesday 02 April, in a match that took place in  Kabgayi playground.

RHS won over the St Joseph with 25-17 goals in the first set. The second set of the game with 28-26 goals. The third set of the game, St Joseph volleyball team struck back with 26-24 and the fourth was won by Saint Joseph with 29 scores over the 27 was won by RHS.

The final set of the game was won by the Rusumo High School Saint with 18-16 scores.

The coach of the Rusumo High School Serugo Christopher told UM– USEKE that winning such a game was a huge achievement, adding that the victory resulted from the commitment and the discipline of the players.

Serugo expressed his joy as him and colleagues are going to holidays victorious.

Mbanza Silvestre who coaches the St Joseph Volleyball team said the the loss of the game was a fate for them because both teams were performing at a similar scare.

Mbanza adds that his team will resume the training after the holidays as to effectively performing the remaining matches.

Other matches:

St Joseph 3-0 Pt Seminaire VF Karubanda.

Forthcoming games on 05, April, 2014 at the campus of the University of Rwanda in Huye:

 –UR Huye vs College of Education.

-College of Education vs Rayon Sports.


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