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Russia criticized the decision of EU countries to supply arms to Syrian government instead of focusing on political talks to stop war between President Bashar Assad and the rebels.


S-300 Russian anti-aircraft missile could be provided to Syria

Russia acknowledged its anti-aircraft missile sales to the Syrian government because of the decision made by EU to support rebels.

Israel  answered by warning Russia that they will attack any such missile shipments which may cause danger to Israel.

This conflict comes as U.S. and Russia are preparing a peace conference in Geneva next month between Syria and rebels.

The civil war in Syria has already killed more than 70,000 people. The UN General Secretary who was recently in Rwanda says that he is afraid what happened in Rwanda I 1994 could happen in Syria.


The rebels who are supported by Western countries claim that they need “anti-tank missile” and “anti-air craft missile” to prevent them air attacks from Damascus government.

The leader on ‘Free Syrian Army’ against Assad, Gen. Sali m Idris Says “The problem is that they are delaying to provide us arms to fight”.

Many countries worldwide have criticized the decision of EU countries to support the rebel forces suspecting that they might have certain link with Al-Qaeda.

France and Britain claim to give weapons to the rebels to intimidate Bashar Assad so that he could  eventually accept to have peace talks with rebels.

Russia says to give arms to Assad in case EU supports rebels.

Speaking to Reuters, UK Foreign Affairs William Hague said that the decision to provide weapons to Bashar Assad needs to be done carefully attention because peace talks are to take place next month.

The Russian Minister Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov said that to provide weapons to the rebels is against international law, being the reason why Russian has to react on behalf of Assad government.

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