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After a two-weeks training session that took place at Tumba College of Technilogy, 65 young people graduated in different areas including Computer maintenance courses.

Smiling graduated students posing for a photo

The training has been successfully prepared and implemented by REB and TCT in order to assess students IT knowledge and skills. The exercise consisted of rebuilding both software and hardware components of 55 computers brought up from REB and from different schools in Rulindo District.

Eng.Gatabazi Pascal,Rector of TCT Rulindo

Those clever students rehabilitated these machines and are currently operational.Eng. Gatabazi Pascal thanked REB for its efforts to enhancing technology skills in students of the College he represents.

Dr Evode Mukama from REB

He reminded students that these machines deserve care and maintenance so to let them last longer. For Dr Mukama Evode, from REB, that was a testimony that TCT students are skilled enough to help in the rehabilitation of out-of-use computers.

Arafat Nzaramba, representing students, stressed that the event was fruitful helpful to them and that courses of that kind should be spread in other corners of the nation where youth need to strengthen their IT skills.

TCT , a Technology Hub

Tumba College of Technology is one of High Institutions of learning that trains students to become IT professionals and fill the gap of lacking IT knowledgeable people to develop our nation. It was inaugurated in 2007 and is located in Rulindo Distrcit.The College has three main faculties: Information Technology, Electornics and Telecommunication and finally Alternative Energy.