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The Rwanda Revenue Authority announced that it seized boxes full of 695 beverages labeled as unlawfully imported without tax clearance from legal bodies. However, the businessman Nkusi Godeffrey refutes the allegations, adding that number of the seized beverages is exaggerated. He utters the number does exceed 90 boxes while RRA claims that number of boxes are 695 ones.

The boxes are full of wines and liquor drinks.Unnamed sources from the Rwanda Revenue Authority allege that the business man did not pay taxes on these additional boxes as their were not declared and registered as part of the imported package.

The RRA slams all the business operators who struggle to smuggle for their benefit, regardless of the loss caused to the national economy.

Nkusi Godeffrey told Umuseke that that package he is accused of having hidden for unlawful use doesn’t exceed 90 boxes.

He affirmed that he is willing to pack back the remaining taxes for the ultimate release

Nkusi said that there is no serious issue on that matter, adding that soon the remaining three million Frw will be paid for the release of the controversial package.