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The Rwanda Patriotic Front has announced its flag bearer namely Paul Kagame who is the current President of the Republic. As the Presidential elections are getting nearer, many Rwandans were eager to learn about the choice of the leading party RPF Inkotanyi as for its flag bearer.

President Kagame spoke about the fact that his party should be looking about some one else to represent the party after his next term

On Saturday its adherents gathered in its new headquarters located at Rusosoro sector, Gasabo district to officially elect and announce its candidate.

Paul Kagame was selected as the flag bearer of the RPF Inkotanyi

During address, the President expressed his commitment to represent the Rwanda Patriotic Front in the forthcoming presidential elections, adding that this should be an occasion for RPF adherents to start thinking about someone else to represent the party after the coming term.

President Kagame said that he has been serving the party and the nation many years and wish to keep doing so but he wish some else can take the lead after the next term.

For anyone who is patriotic and able to lead and charismatic can be elected as the RPF flag bearer and compete for the next presidency.

The ceremony was preceded by an inauguration of a new RPF Headquarters complex that comprises of different offices and hall aimed at hosting different events hosted by the RPF Inkotanyi.

Here are some photos highlighting the event:

The participants wore RPF Inkotanyi key colors Blue, White and Red
Rucagu Boniface the Chairman of the National Itorero Commission
Minister of Sports and Culture Uwacu Julienne
The event was attended by different RPF cadres
She was delighted to have selected the RPF representative in the coming Presidential elections
Singers: Humble, Senderi and Safi
Women were colorfully dressed
Dr Rose Mukankomeje the former CEO of the Rwanda Environment Authority
He put a suit branding the RPF colors
PM Anastase Murekezi and Dr Vincent Biruta both from PSD political party
He was proudly branding the RPF colors
Cadres of the RPF reading some brochures containing the calendar of the event to take place
The RGB boss and the President of the Senate Bernard Makuza
She looked delighted to seat in this newly accomplished hall
Hon Senator Tito Rutaremara explaining to one of the participants some of the content in the brochure
It was the most attended political gathering for last past five months
The representative of the Chinese leading political party
Minister of local government Francis Kaboneka





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