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A rwandan businessman travelling from Kampala to Kigali  was killed when Armed robbers way-laid a Kampala-bound Jaguar bus in the wee hours of Wednesday.

The Juguar Bus where robber killed a Rwandan businessman

The robbers took off with an unspecified value of items from passengers. The incident took place at Kayabwe Trading Centre along the Kampala- Masaka highway at 4am.

The deceased businessman was identified as John Bosco Rukundo.

Uganda’s Southern regional police spokesperson Noah Serunjogi, said the robbers used a tipper lorry to block the road and ordered the driver at gun point to open the door.

Serunjogi told The New Times yesterday that the Police was still investigating whether Rukundo was being trailed by his killers, adding that another Baby Coach bus had just passed the robbers before the attack.

“We received the information late which means that there was a gap in communication between the passengers and the Police,” he said.

Alex Katete, the operations officer of Jaguar Bus Company, said the bus driver had at first tried to resist, but that the robbers fired rounds in the air, forcing him to stop.

“Before Rukundo was killed, they clearly had seen that he had a lot of money and he was giving just part of it to them,” Katete said.

Serunjogi said robbers have used the same tactic for some time, and called on passengers to always note down the registration numbers of cars involved in such acts.

Media reports in Kampala said the robbers ordered the passengers to undress as they searched their luggage and clothes for valuables.

By press time yesterday, a staff of the Rwanda High Commission in Uganda had travelled to Masaka Hospital to help in preparations for the transfer of Rukundo’s body to Rwanda.

According to Serunjogi, the deceased had $50,000 (about Rwf32 million).

There were four robbers, including one with a fake rifle and two armed with sub-machine guns, Serunjogi said.

Source:The New Times