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The Rwanda National Police warns people who claim to be prophets. Religious gatherings are legally acknowledged if they are peaceful and calm said IGP Gasana. RNP says that it will not tolerate these so-called prophecies full of falsehood.


During that Press Conference held on 24, July, 2013 IGP Gasana has said a where he urged Rwandans to combine their efforts in order to stop this misbehavior.

Apart from the issues IGP intended to communicate to journalists the state of the security across the nation. According to the RNP statistics show that crimes are deceasing where it shows that road accident have decreased at 25% while crimes relating to drug use and abuse are said to have decreased at 9,3%

‘We can not tolerate these evildoers ‘IGP Emmanuel Gasana

“This progress is a result of joint efforts between RNP and citizens to decrease the crimes at this level” said IGP Gasana.

Other progress according to Gasana is a remarkable decrease of crimes pertaining to sexual harassment and abuse. Factors of this decrease involve the setting of an Isange One Stop Center to help traumatized people. Different centers of the kind will be set in different Health Centers across the Nation.

Regarding the unceasing inferno that erase people houses and properties, IGP told journalists more than cases have been recorded .These properties perish due to the poor electric installations in these houses.

Another issue that IGP discussed with Journalists is corruption behavior that is observable in Police agents. He made clear that Corruption is not a collective crime rather a personal case whereby the corrupted has to be brought to justice and RNP is not to blame.

DIP Dan Munyuza

Daddy Sadiki RUBANGURA