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The Rwanda National Investment Trust- Iterambere Fund has now gathered not less than one billion Rwandan Francs since its inception. The whole amount collected is equal to 1 046 892 986. The RNIT –Iterambere Fund senior management informs that the whole amount is now invested in different profit making activities.

Andrew Gashugi the CEO of RNIT-Iterambere Fund
Andrew Gashugi the CEO of RNIT-Iterambere Fund

Andrew Gashugi told media that the Fund has received more application letters from 920 aspirants willing to invest in the Fund.

Those include private organizations such as cooperatives, the so-called Ibimina, and individual business people. They are originating from all districts of Rwanda and abroad.

Over 91,52% of all investors in RNIT –Iterambere Fund  deposed not less than 953 433 986Frw.

This reality is an indicator that the investors are willing to invest their assets for a longtime.

78 of them invested at least 93 459 000 and chose for a short time profit making investment.

The first term of the RNIT-Itembere Fund assets collection started from July, 12, 2016 up to October, 07, 2016.

The RNIT-Iterambere Fund manager Andre Gashugi urged that the Fund has grown stronger and will keep its activities alive and more reliable for its applicants.

He revealed that since this Tuesday, the Fund will receive new applications and one asset is worthy 100.92Frw.

According to the Executive Secretary of the RNIT-Iterambere Fund Jonathan S. Gatera all the money gathered were invested in the so-called treasury bonds.

The bonds are meant to make a financial turn over that will be useful for both the RNIT –Iterambere Fund and to its applicants as well.


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