Relations between France and Rwanda were and continue to be fair-Ambassador Flesch. – UMUSEKE – News indeed
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During a ceremony whereby the France handled a financial support to local grown projects for development,Flesch,French Ambassador to Rwanda said that this support does not mean a hidden agenda to disguise historical crisis between Rwanda and France because this did not happen.

Ambassador Flesch handling support to Cooperative representatives

Ambassador Flesch said that diplomatic crisis between the two nations did not happen as such apart from a juridical misunderstandings between both nations’ juridical bodies, a crisis that happened in 2006.

The sponsorship for these projects is meant to help locally grown projects rather than ‘buying’ friendship between both nations said Flesch.

The financial support will be given to six cooperatives from different districts  across the nation.

They received 75% of the total start-up capital and the remaining sum will be given to them afterwards, said Flesch. The program is carried out throughout different countries such as Cambodia in Asia and in Western Africa nations.

The recipients of the support told journalists that this support will be invested in the already set business plans so to make profit.

11 Cooperatives deposed their business plans to be supported and are related to sewing, craftsmanship and in fields relating to technically set businesses involving youth



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