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On Friday Prof Silas Lwakabamba who was the rector of the University of Kibungo handled over this responsibilities to a new one named Prof Karuranga.  This one is a specialist in international business management.

Prof Lwakabamba and Prof Karuranga

He was acting as an assistant lecturer in one the Canadian universities where he taught international business management.

Silas Lwakabamba has recently resigned from his responsibilities due to his personal reasons.

The newly introduced lector Prof Karuranga told Umuseke that he plans to innovate teaching and learning system in the university and well as other issues concerning the institution such as old buildings, among others.

He was born in the current Ngoma district in the Eastern Province and is 60 years old.

Prof Lwakabamba addressing the gathering after handing over to his successor
Prof Karuranga vows to innovate the teaching and learning system in the UNIK as well as rehabilitating the institution’s infrastructures
The event was attended by various representatives of different state entities