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This is an initiative aimed at enhancing people’s love for books and reading. Its eighty edition is scheduled to take place on November, 3th, 2018 at Kigali Public Library where writers, editors and other book lovers will share experiences on the how effective reading improved their insights on world affairs.

The aim is to equip young children with reading skills

Participants will learn on how wisely one can dig deep into pages to fetch knowledge and use it to grow intellectually.

The young readers will be given illustrated books.

Aflattus Africa that organizes of this endeavor has also set up an encouraging step of paying fees for willing young readers to attend Kigali Public Library and read.

On the above mentioned date, Afflatus Africa will launch a new program labelled ‘Inspired to Inspire’ with the aim to help young readers imitate their elders in various areas of living.

Young people will be meeting older ones to learn on how they managed to undergo different life- bound hardships and won the battle.

Panelists like Patrick Bucyana and Jackson Vugayabagabo (from Rwanda) and Dele Oyekanmi (from UK)will be there to provide their insights.

The founder of Afflatus Africa, Ganza Kanamugire Bertin encourages parents to bring their children with notebooks and pens in that thrilling reading event and let them learn.

Those are key speakers in the coming session
The UK based Dele Oyekanmi is the Founder of Destiny Builders and part of John Maxwell Team


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