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The match between both most appreciated football teams in Rwanda took place yesterday and was one of the most attended ones since the beginning of this year 2016.

Rayon Sports players celebrating the Cup
Rayon Sports players celebrating the victory

Rayon Sports players dominated the match during the first half of the game and even during the last minutes where the Malian Ismaila Diarra scored the only goal that led the Blues to the Peace Cup.

At the beginning of the second half of the match, APR FC players were highly willing to score but defenders of the Rayon Sports hindered them very firmly.

The same tactic was adopted by the APR FC players in the first half of the match but Rayon Sports strikers such as Nshuti Savio challenged the APR FC defenders even though no goal entered until the second half time where Diarra scored it.

Other Rayon Sports strikers such as Rugwiro Herve and Rwatubyaye were eager to mark the first goal.

Emery Bayisenge from APR FC  tried his best to go through the defenders of Rayon Sports but h was not lucky enough as he was handed with a yellow card after misbehaving towards his fellow player from Rayon Sports.

At the 24th minute of the first half time of the match, APR FC coach   Nizar Khanfir chose to replace Emery Bayisenge  by Benedata Janvier as to avoid further misconduct that could eventually lead to a red card.

Benedata changed how the APR FC middle fielders played and the match became more praising for both sides.

Despite this motivating behaviors that Benedata introduced, no significant shots-on targets were made by APR FC towards the Rayon Sports goalkeeper Bakame.

The first half time ended that way as both teams had zero out zero.

The second half time was marked by  a more commitment of the APR FC strikers suc as Ndahinduka Michel who replace Yannick Mukunzi but no  score was marked.

Rayon Sports’ coach Masud Djuma introduce Muhire Kevin to replace Manishimwe Djabel who looked relatively tied.

The 90 minutes normally reserved for the match ended both teams equalizing but during the additional four minutes, Ismaila Diarra scored one last goal that qualified the Rayon Sports for the Cup.

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