Rayon Sports won over the APR FC with 4-0, an interesting score to many Rwandans fans – UMUSEKE – News indeed
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It was with fierce that the rival teams prayed an interesting match yesterday. The match that brought together the APR FC and Rayon Sports ended with the victory of the Rayon Sports with four scores out of zero.

APR FC fans before the match started
APR FC fans before the match started

The Amahoro National Stadium was full of fans from both sides to back their respective teams.

The Rayon sports’ striker Karirye Davis was the man of the match as he scored three goals alone while the fourth was scored by Ismail Diarra at the 46 minute of the match.

The Karirye’s first goal entered at the eighty minute of the first half time, the second entered at 31st minute of the same half time.

The first half time ended that way. As the second half time resumed, the Rayon Sports players were keen to score more goals.

At the very beginning of the second half time, at the first minute, Ismail Diarra scored another goal making the APR FC fans and players psychologically weakened.

The APR FC players kept trying to score back but in vain. Its strikers and middle fielders including Janvier Benedata and Yannick Mukunzi provided more efforts to retake the victory but Rayon Sports defenders hindered them to score any single goal.

Fans outside the stadium before entering the stadium
Fans outside the stadium before entering the stadium
Rwarutabura the Rayon Sports super fan
APR babe fans who were ready to support their beloved team
Nkundamatch(with the earphones) giving a hug to a APR fan
Here was the moment of entrance to the match
Both sides were eager to win the match and fans were committed to support their respective teams
Making a queue at the entrance of the stadium
As the match started the Rayon Sports’ fans stood up to show the full support to their cherished team
APR fan club branding the flag of respect and victory, fans claim

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