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On its recent research paper Transparency Rwanda reveals that sexually based corruption reaches 84, 5% up against women and 15, 5% up against men.

At Muhanga,Mukasine delivering her speech

Rwandan Parliamentarians for the Fight against Corruption agree with the report that serious decisions should be taken to stop this social deviance. In nationwide research, people responded to questionnaires about which extent corruption can be rated and which kinds of corruption on ground.

From One Thousand respondents, results show that sex-based corruption is the most expanded and practiced, especially in private institutions and companies. The public institutions come next while civil society comes last.

Mukasine Marie Claire, the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Commission against Corruption finds that common and joint efforts from different institutions both public and private could be the ultimate solution against sexually based corruption.

Asked about the role the church plays in eradicating that kind of corruption one of religious responded: “Religious leaders appreciate political efforts in order to eradicate illegal sexual intercourse through making home visits to discourage youth from becoming sex addicted” ,Pastor Bigaraba  Philippe from Restoration Church in Muhanga District .

In case you are sexually harassed, dial 112, 3512 and 2641.


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