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A private island replete with a mansion, two guest houses and a barn with workers’ quarters is on the market in Maine for $7.95million. Developer John Cacoulidis bought the 86-acre Hope Island in 1993 for $1.3million. The real estate listing says that in the 24 years since, ‘No expense was spared creating this magical island kingdom.’

This is the Island that is to the market

The property includes an 11,295-square-foot main house with six bathrooms and three bedrooms. It also features two guest houses; a barn with workers’ quarters; a 10-stall horse barn; coops for chickens, ducks and geese; a tavern for entertaining; a private chapel and a boathouse with a deep-water pier.

The island includes 11,050-feet of water-frontage – a ‘classic Maine setting of rocky coastline and crashing surf’ – as well as eight ponds.

‘Sweeping and elevated views are ever-changing from vistas over the Atlantic Ocean to passing boats of every description,’ the listing states.

The property in Casco Bay is just a 25-minute boat ride from Portland.

The real estate agent, John Saint-Amour, tells the Portland Press Herald Cacoulidis used to live full time on the island, but is no longer using the island like he had in the past so he’s selling. His wife Phyllis, who helped turn the island into a working farm, died last year at the age of 89.

‘An avid gardener, lover of animals and the outdoors, she transformed Hope Island into a beautiful working farm with chicken, geese, swans, ducks, peacocks, deer, horses, a mule named Emma and her five dogs. She routinely took in rescue animals and cared for local wildlife,’ part of her obituary read.

Saint-Amour says the price is a steal, considering all of the improvements that the family has made the property.

‘To have an entire island in Casco Bay with easy access to Portland is a rare commodity,’ he said. ‘To be frank, the investment in the island far exceeds the asking price.’

Saint-Amour says he’s already received multiple calls about the property, and has taken a few interested buyers out to view the island.

He says that the island could be turned into a resort, but would need town approval first.

He thinks it’s more likely that the island will be bought by a family looking for a turk-key island escape.

Surprisingly, Hope Island isn’t even the most expensive residential property in the area right now. An eight-bedroom oceanfront home in Cape Elizabeth is currently on the market for $11million.

The island comprises of houses, gardens and more other attractive surroundings
It contains also roads and clean houses

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