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It was during a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Creation of the African Union that the  Tanzanian President Mr Jakaya Kikwete expressed his views about what he sees to be a real remedy  for the everlasting  conflict in DRC.

FDLR fighters

Among adequate solutions to the crisis ,according to him, concerns Rwanda whereby the nation  should initiate open talks with FDLR militias operating in DRC. According to him,current deployment of UN joint military operation  forces to disarm armed forces in DR Congo is a good thing but which needs supplementary solutions among which talks with armed forces on ground can be effective. It is in that angle that Kikwete wants Rwanda to have talks with FDLR. Apart from Rwanda,Kikwete also called upon DRC officials to look for find ways of  initiating  talks with M23. This rebel group  claims to struggle for inclusion in national affairs and for the respect of agreements signed  on 23,March,2008 violated by DRC government, according to M23 .

The French International Radio Station (RFI) reports that President of Rwanda, His Excellence Paul Kagame did not express his view on the Kikwete’solutions but, one source told RFI that President Kagame does not consider FDLR as people worthy to have talks with.

Few days before, President Kagame told Jeune Afrique that neither reason nor circumstance can bring Rwanda to have talks with genocide perpetrators.

President Kagame said:  “Talking about  what? Whatever they want is ‘Power’. Let them fight for it, be it politically or militarily, otherwise they will never have it”.

These FDLR were part of Interahamwe  that killed million of Tutsi during the 1994 genocide. FDLR is listed by US as a  terrorist group to be hunted down and dismembered.  USA has promised $ 5 million to anyone will reveal where FDLR’ leader Mudacumura Sylvester is hiding .

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