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Different experts gathered in Kigali affirm that poor urban or rural settlements are bound to social and economic poverty in general specifically in developing countries.

Dr Kirabo Kakira
Dr Kirabo Kakira

Experts say that massive rural exodus towards urban settlement create diffucult conditions for better living conditions in towns or cities,thus increase of poverty.

This situation hinders settlers from benefiting to useful infrastructures as water,health centers,roads, electric power facilities…enabling them to develop.

Dr Aissa Kirabo Kakira,Depute Secretary of UN ,leading the UN Habitat recognized the achievement of the UN Millennium goals concerning Habitat Policies.

However she stressed her concerns that more is still needed to address remaining settlement problems  in urban areas because it weakens the efforts of UN to fully achieve its Millennium Goals.

She called upon all concerned countries to join their efforts to resolve the problem and get a global success.

The MININFRA Prof Silas Rwakabamba said that soon different cities will be technically built to host urban settlers from rural areas as to reduce urban risky settlements in Kigali .

Experts attending the meeting come from different countries across Africa ,The preceding meeting took place in Kenya  in 2009.