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Politics: Rwanda, Burundi and DRC wish to create a joint criminal court.

 These three countries (Rwanda, Burundi and DRC) are eager to stop a widespread criminal situation involving criminals who cross borders of each country and destabilize security of its neighboring ones.


Officials in charge of diplomatic relations from these countries gathered in Bujumbura this Thursday, 9th   up to 10th , May, 2013 to discuss that very issue.

The Governor of North Kivu Province, DRC, Mr. Julie Paluku, who attended the assembly, revealed to Radio Okapi, from which we get this story, that the   a joint criminal court entrusted to legally pursue criminals fleeing across the region and to bring them to justice is soon to be set and sustained . ‘This will remove a cloud of suspicion existing among the triple countries’ Paluku underlined.

However, the procedural lines defining how this court will operate remain indefinite as Paluku reported, adding that this issue will be discussed later on. Ministers of foreign affairs present in the meeting manifested their considerations towards a soon-to-come UN troops to defeat Congolese rebels that, militarily, raze DRC especially Nord and South Kivu Provinces.