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Every year, Rwanda National Police conducts a Weekly program aiming at increasing awareness on people about road safety and traffic rules. The program covers chosen districts across the country.

Clearing Zebra crossing colors in Muhima

During this Special Week, RNP explains to population through media about importance of knowing their rights in as far as road safety is concerned. Among the activities to carry out during this Week involve clearing traffic colors especially the ones commonly known as zebra crossing colors.

RNP cerebrates its 13 years Anniversary and all the activities scheduled this Week include the delivery of information about the achievements of RNP since its inception.

Pedestrians have right to cross roads safely

In Rubavu District for instance, RNP reminds local population that it is for their interest  to reveal to Police whoever misbehaves in a way that can create a situation where an accident can occur.

“Vehicles are killing our people because of carelessness of some road users. Do not be silent in front of such reality. Tell us who they are and where they are. Be our partners” IP Seminega Jean Bosco urged to Rubavu inhabitants.

One thing is unbeilivable.While RNP in Rubavu was participating in these activities shown above, it captured a woman that had 100 bottles full of Kanyanga, a gin beer that is forbidden in Rwanda.

Let be proud of our driving profession through respecting road safety code”The Theme for this year’ Police Week Special

In Kigali at Muhima Sector, Mr Ndayisaba Fidèle, Mayor of Kigali City, said that road safety means national security. For him there is no big difference between them.

“Car drivers should respect pedestrians. There is no need to drive fast in places where pedestrians are many and are crossing roads. People lose their lives due to road accidents caused by drivers who drive fast and are under drug pressure” said Mayor Ndayisaba Fidèle to Muhima inhabitants.

ACP Thèos Badege continues telling people that the road safety concerns everyone not only Police.

“The ones that use road everyday should be very careful so to not create chaos that kill people or make them causalities” ACP Badege told  Muhima population.

The Weekly Program:

-Wednesday: To fight against home based sexual violence.

-Thursday:Teaching the Youth about the ill consequences of drug abuse.

Friday:People will be explained about current fire incidents that happened across the country recently,

-Saturday:During that day,people will receive  explanations  about the usefulness of environment protection,

Sunday:Is the Day of Anniversary of RNP that will take place at RNP Headquarters at Kacyiru.During that ceremony, Police will award best artists who created art to foster road safety awareness.

Children from Rubavu District informed about road safety.
Young and old attended the event

Daddy Rubangura/Kigali

Maisha Patrick/ Rubavu