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Police have launched investigations into the murder of Gustave Makonene, the Transparency International Rwanda Rubavu office coordinator, who was strangled to death by unknown assailants on Wednesday night.


Late Makonene Gustave
Late Makonene Gustave

Makonene’s body was found on Thursday morning on the shores of Lake Kivu.

“We have initiated investigations but no arrests have been made so far,” said the Police Spokesperson, ACP Theos Badege.

“At this stage we are not ruling out anything, whether work-related, robbery, or any other possible causes.”

Speaking to Saturday Times, the Chairperson of Transparency International Rwanda, Marie Immaculée Ingabire, said she was saddened by the horrifying death of Makonene.
“On Wednesday, he left his office at around 21hrs. So far we have learnt that the killers used a rope to strangle him and dumped his body about two kilometres from his office,” Ingabire said. Makonene, 33, lived alone.

According to Ingabire, Makonene could have been killed as he left office, located a few metres from the Rwanda -DR Congo border.

“He joined Transparency International Rwanda as an intern but we retained him. Because of his hard work, we promoted him and made him the coordinator of the Rubavu office,” Ingabire said of the deceased.

Makonene’s elder brother Janvier Ntalindwa said his brother had not expressed any signs that his life had been in danger.

“As his family, we request authorities to find whoever did this and bring them to justice,” said Ntalindwa.

Makonene held a Bachelors Degree in Law. His burial is scheduled today afternoon at Rusororo cemetery in Kigali.

The New Times