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Educated Rwandan youth in general hopes to find decent jobs in smart companies where they could feel comfortable, laptops in front of them. This seems as if it has become a general rule. But one young gentleman has broken the rule and initiated his own business of rising pigs. This has generated financial incomes enabling him to survive in this Rwandan competitive workplace.

Nsengiyumva mu bworozi

This handsome guy who lives in Nyamabuye in Muhanga District, South Province of Rwanda, is 27 years old. He told reporter that after completing his degree at Catholic University of Kabgayi, he was hired in by a private company that paid him 100.000 RwF monthly that he considered unsustaining .He decided to search for ways and means that could enable him to become self-employed.


His business is located in Shyogwe Sector, Mubuga Cell in Mapfundo neighborhood. South Province. He started with 2 only pigs, a male and a female, that later on, produced until their number reached seventh pigs .As he found that his business was growing faster, and then he decided to look for a Bank loan to rift his business up. Talking to reporter, Nsengiyumva revealed that his flock excides 800 pigs involving ones sold local markets.

His business projections.

As he has paid the bank loan, now he intends to search for another substantial loan in order to sustain his business that, according to him, deserves more care and investment. “I want to grow a business that will satisfy my needs and which will enable me to provide a helping hand to needy people. My motherland, Rwanda, needs me to develop. All of these are part of my up-coming purposes” he adds.

The secret of his   success

The secret of his success, according to him, rests on a fruitful cooperation between him and the bank. The bank manager of UNGUKA Bank Ltd from South Province, Mr Nkundimana Alfred, supported this   by affirming that youth should imitate courage and the spirit of entrepreneurship Isaiah has shown because, according to him, loans are available and youth should come and pick them for their development. Isaiah has set up another chicken flock nearby and is numbered around one hundred elements (hens and chicks).