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The game continues at Ngoma.More surprisingly, the attendance is higher than the preceding ones.

MC Tino and Anita Pendo ,as usually, put the fire in the sky as artists were in the backgrounds, charging their vocal machines.

Artists first voted numbers representing the order of how they will be performing on stage.

Vote for real!

Outside,the number of attendants increase and the youth was the most welcome

What is this?.Is it music, beer or both?Ngoma guys are suprised!Wooow!
Guma Guma

However the event set for music started and MCs were present to regulate the event.

MC Tino and MC Anita Pendo,The Regulators!
Tree climbers.The human music watchers

Let start with the Best !

First the Best,Second the Forever.(Mico, the First)

Dream Boyz proceeded.

Data nindeeeee!Who is my Father?.Dream Boyz ask.But Ngoma will vote!Don’t worry!
Platini ,It is dangerous!Please come back down! Ngoma people love you so much!
Danny “Uyu niwo mwanya ngo mbibabwire,The time to voting for me has come”

Christopher is back.

Can you people sing with me?
Journalists’ covering fans of Chris singing Chris’ songs.Wonderful!

The Rocky rapper of Tuff Gangz Malick a.k.a. Bulldogg is the fifth to perform.

Bulldog “The Ibya mirenge” singer.

That was not enough for the Database. Next is to come near his fans  and give them real hip hop rap.

Let me come closer!

Next is the Fire burning as Hip Hop continues to hit.

The Vayo vayo star.The Fireman .
With Jay-Z, I mean Jay-C,Fireguy increases the heat among people.

The king of Afrobeat Mr Kami Kamichi staging now.

The King Kamichi switches on his music and Afrobeat goes high.
No music like mine! Afrobeat for real!

The Riderman ,The wiserman ,the Rwandanman brings back Hip- Hop ,rap.

The Everything man is the Everywhere loved artist.The Riderzzo.
Urban Boys ,The modernized guys !
Humble and Nizzo! “Baace Kelele,Mind your own buziness’They sang.

The only girl in the contest with a soft and lovely voice appears to stage. “Nzaba mpari”Singer ,Knowless B

Knowless Butera.The Rejoiced girl of the contest
Knowless and Tom Close”Mama w’Abana banjye!

Seemingly she is more loved then she guesses!

The Letter from Irankunda  Guillaume to Knowless, the most Cherished Rwandan female artist ever!

Now what starts good ends better!

The Intercontinental hitting Star ,Sendeli The Kaci Kaci  brings the hurricane at stage.None could resist to his full performance!

It is not Ndombolo style.It is Sendeli squad.Dance with me men!
I have never seen such a skilled dancer ,Anita surprised.
The Professional DJ Bissosso

The Show ends and its time to go back home  and rest.

“Time is over.Tomorrow is Sunday.Let go to rest”.Ngoma people are heading back home!