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The President of the National Election Commission, Prof Mbanda affirmed that in response to journalists’ claims that parliamentarians do not fulfill duties they are requested to do once in the House.

Prof Mbanda responding to journalists’ questions

Prof Mbanda added that this kind of thinking is unfounded because for him representatives carry out their duties as fully as they can.

‘None should feel frustrated due to these stereotypes .Representatives are elected due to their contribution to people wellbeing” Prof Mbanda continues.

Concerning the progress of the preparation for the upcoming elections of parliamentarians, Mbanda underlined that the process is far reaching adding that voters are registering in a remarkably high rate.

In 2008 voters were four million eight thousands Rwandans while today are over six million” revealed Prof Mbanda.

Munyaneza Charles assured journalists the budget is ready for implementation of the election despite rumors that the budget is not enough for the operations.

Compared to the previously set budget, there still misses a small portion that can not hamper the agenda form being held.

The NEC needed 5.435.842.402 Rwf but the available amount is 4.351.418.346 Rwf.

In the Press Conference, the NEC Staff told journalists that some legal articles have amended for more effective voting procedures and elections fairness.

Among articles revisited include:

-Timetable scheduled to start from 7 h00’ rather than being 6h00 o’ clock.

-The use of a pen in voting is also allowed plus a relatively increased number of women in the voting operations.

Among candidates to elections involve both private candidates and the ones chosen by legal political parties.

For private candidates, they are required to have a list of 600 signatures testing they know them

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