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The senior management of the Akagera National Park told Umuseke that one of the recently imported lions died. The lions were imported from South Africa later 2015 to be resettled in the Akagera National Park.

One of these felines is dead
One of these felines is dead

The National Park’s management revealed to Umuseke that there are two curbs newly born and are healthy.

The dead lioness was nicknamed Garuka and was among seven ones imported from South Africa that included two males and five females.

Last week ,the Akagera national park’ guards communicated the missing of the lion and have found her (the lioness) dead after intensive search.

The tracking devise installed at her neck stopped sending signals late October. This hindered guards to keep tracking the lioness’ movements as it is the case for the rest of the felines.

It is believed that the death of the lioness resulted from serious injuries it got from a hunt.

Jes Gruner  who is the manager of the Akagera National Park confirmed the news.

He, at the side, rejoiced on the fact another lioness named Amahoro has given birth to two curbs, making the number of lions in the Akagera National Park at 15 felines




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