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The former Bushenge hospital has been destroyed by an earthquake in the recent past and this negatively impacted on people’s health welfare. After a given period of time, the Rwandan government with its partners rehabilitated the hospital and, currently, local feel secured.

The innovated Bushenge Hospital
The innovated Bushenge Hospital

The earthquake that happened in 2008 affected the area where Nyamasheke district is located, thus damaging Bushenge hospital.

One of the locals named Mukarurisa Joyeuse told Umuseke that she was hopeless about the reconstruction of the hospital as it was seriously affected by the calamity.

Locals were wondering where to go for medical care. However the Rwandan government decided to handle the situation and currently locals are enjoying available medical care they deserve.

The renovation of the hospital started in 2010 and it was conducted jointly by Rwandan government and its development partners.

One of the staff members of the hospital namely Denis Nkurikiyimana says the hospital is currently equipped with modernized medical tools aimed at helping staff to provide quick and adequate services.

The hospital also owns medical experts ready to work effectively for the interest of the general public.
Nkurikiyimana said that the hospital management is looking for how the filing system can be electrically set up as to reduce paper use and thereafter protect the environment.

The hospital management reveals that the whole rehabilitation of the hospital is worth four billion Rwf and can receive and treat not less than 250 patients with 21 medical staff members plus four specialists.

The hospital after undergoing the earthquake in 2008
The hospital after undergoing the earthquake in 2008


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