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A 19-year old woman identified as Jacqueline Uwimana was arrested on March 1 in Nyabihu District, Bigogwe Sector after she found in possession of about 2, 000 rolls of cannabis. The arrest followed a tip-off from one of the passengers in a commuter taxi that Uwimana was traveling in at the time.

The cannabis is classified as one of the illicit drugs banned in Rwanda
The cannabis is classified as one of the illicit drugs banned in Rwanda

She is currently detained at Mukamira Police Station as investigations continue.

“Residents and the youth have indicated zero tolerance to crimes related to drug abuse and trafficking and Police commends those who have embraced the concept of community policing and provide timely information that helps investigations and apprehending suspects,” Superintendent Emmanuel Hitayezu, the Western Province Police Spokesperson, said.

“Young people should desist from this habit and concentrate on education and other genuine businesses that develop them, their families and country.”

Similarly, five other suspected drug dealers were apprehended in Rubavu District after they were found with 4 kilogrammes and 106 pellets of cannabis.

In a related development, an operation conducted Ngoma District on the same day saw a number of equipment used to distill illicit brew, confiscated

Rwanda National Police constantly conducts anti-drug campaigns among the population, highlighting the negative effects of drugs such as loss of lives, school dropouts and a source to criminal activities.



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