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As Rwandan education strives to improve its teaching and  learning quality,a cording to a recent report posted by,The National University of Rwanda is set as the best performing university of Rwanda,ranked among 974 of Africa.

One of the lecture halls of the NUR
One of the lecture halls of the NUR

In the EAC ,NUR is ranked numner  6.

The order in EAC is set the3is way:


-Dar-el Salaam(11)University of Nairobi(14),Maseno University in Kenya(21)and Kenyatta University(53).

According to the current agenda,the next academic year ,all public university will be brought to a single structured university set in the aim of improving the education system.

Here is a full list of how these university are ranked at African level:

1    381 University of Kwazulu Natal (South Africa)

University of Kwazulu Natal
University of Kwazulu Natal.

2    390  University of Cape Town (South Africa)

3     462  Stellenbosch University (South Africa)

4      696  Makerere University (Uganda)

5      719  University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)

6       746  University of Pretoria (South Africa)

7       834  University of the Western Cape (South Africa)

8       1113 Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria)

9       1191 Rhodes University (South Africa)

10     1206 Cairo University (Misiri)

11      1419 University of Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)

World’s best performing universities

1   Harvard University

2   Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3   Stanford University

4    University of California Berkeley

5    University of California Los Angeles UCLA

6    University of Washington

7    University of Michigan

8    Cornell University

9   University of Minnesota

10  University of Pennsylvania




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