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Wedneday,12 June, Minister Jean Pascal Labille, Belgium Minister of Foreign Cooperation during his official audiences with Minister Mushikiwabo Louise in charge of Foreign Affairs declared that talks with FDLR is something to  not conceive very soon.

Pascal Labille

He did not express himself about the Kikwete’s speech openly saying that he did not attend the meeting where the speech has been uttered.

“The fact that FDLR members have been committed the genocide is a real reason why Rwanda cannot start talks with such a group”,Labille underlined

However, Labille affirmed that the International community has a say on what is taking place and tries to find a lasting solution about key issues relating to region insecurity.

J.P Labille wishes that bilateral partnership in development between Rwanda and Belgium needs to be reinforced so to foster Rwandan economic growth.

The visit of J.P.Labille to Rwanda comes few days after  Rwanda reopened Belgium Bank accounts  that have been closed recently.

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