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This is the declaration of French Ambassador to Rwanda addressing journalists after his visit to the President of Senate, Dr Ntawukuriryayo Jean Damascène, Yesterday, 06, June 2013.

Hon Dr Ntawukuriryayo Jean Damascène with Ambassador Michel Flesch.


Hon Dr Ntawukuriryayo Jean Damascène.

Apart from discussing about key points of bilateral relations between Rwanda and France relating to health, justice and energy, these high officials also expressed their concerns about Kikwete’s speech whereby he encouraged Rwanda to initiate talks with FDLR.

For Flesch, these are unnecessary words that none should take seriously. “Everyone should avoid words that are susceptible to raise tensions and that are useless. What matters most is to look for lasting solutions to RDC crisis instead of uttering baseless words” Michel continued.

For Dr Ntawukuriryayo, there is no need to discuss with FDLR and this is an answer to Kikwete’ wish.