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The Rwandan international player, Nirisalike Salomon said that different French and Belgian soccer teams are negotiating with him so that he could eventually accept to play in either championship.

Nirisalike chatting with the  journalists
Nirisalike chatting with the journalists

The defender Nirisarike Salomon has completed his contract with the Belgian football team Royal Antwerp of the second division.

He said that his manager is negotiating with willing clubs as to find out which one can hire him and sign a promising contract with the Rwandan international defender.

Among the teams that are in hunt for Nirisalike include the French one called Valenciennes FC which is in the second division and the Belgian one called KV Oostende in the first division.

Nirisarike Salomon was born in the current Rubavu. He was a skilled football player since he was a secondary school student at the ASEC/Kicukiro, from where he reached the Isonga FC.

From the Isonga FC, he integrated the Belgian team Royal Antwerp.