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This new hanging bridge will be easing cross river trade between dwellers of Sovu sector and Bwira Sector in Ngororero district.  It is 79 meters long and is hanging over Satinsyi River.

This bridge is 79 meters long

Locals are now thankful for the availability of this bridge as it will help them crossing the river for their trading activities with their neighbors.

During the rainy season, the flooding river hindered locals from crossing and interregional trade became hardly possible.

However, this bridge will play a crucial and important role in boosting the trade and communication, as some of locals claim.

The Mayor of Ngororero district Godfroid Ndayambaje called upon locals to effectively utilize the bridge as it is an infrastructure that is meant to modernize the district.

The bridge is 32 million Frw worthy and was built by Bridges for Prosperity Company, Hochtief and the Ngororero district.

Mayor of Ngororero distict and other officials as they inaugurated the bridge
The District administration urges locals to wisely utilize this important infrastructure