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In Kibungo city, Ngoma District in the Eastern Province, locals are calling upon the authorities to help them to hinder and arrest the thieves who, during the night hours, attack and destroy their houses and steal their belongings.

Ngoma District is located in the Eastern Province of Rwanda
Ngoma District is located in the Eastern Province of Rwanda

For them, the fact that they have paid the fees for night local security keepers, they deserve a full protection against the robbers.

Authorities however urge locals to collaborate with local night security keepers as to ensure maintain the security stability.

One of the strategies is to register anyone that has come to live in the neighborhood recently, the authorities say.

One of the locals from the Cyasemakamba cell,  Kibungo sector told the UM– USEKE reporter  that robbers keep increasing their operations and steal high value items such as TV screens, mobile phones, among others.

Another one  said that the thieves have stolen his crop reserves including beans.

One of the local authorities, Karasira affirmed that the situation is under control as both locals and security organs are firmly working together to track down  those evildoers.



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