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These harmful insects invaded people living in Jarama Sector, in Ngoma district, Eastern Province. They bitterly bite locals during the daylight and cause seriously skin injuries to them, our reporter says.

The bitterly biting mosquitoes leave injuries to people’s skins

Officials from the Ministry of health promise a quick and effective intervention. This intervention will be assessing the origin and pathogenic characteristics of these unusual mosquitoes.

Locals say that these mosquitoes massively migrate from the swamp of the Akagera River, enter houses of Jarama dwellers and start bitterly biting them.

Mostly exposed are children whose skins and immunity is tight.

Rwandan Minister of health Dr Diane Gashumba informed that the Ministry is soon to send a special team on ground to assess the gravity of the situation and take appropriate measures.

News stipulate that these mosquitoes are invading the whole area surrounding the Akagera river, reaching the Sake sector.

His hands display injuries caused by the mosquitoes that migrate from Akagera river’s swamps
Mukantahontuye Mediatrice said that these mosquitoes are invading people’s houses


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