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This new transport system in Kigali brings  changes and creates hot debate between stakeholders in the system. Officials including the PS in MININFRA, in charge of Transport ,Dr Nzahabwanimana Alexis and Mayor of Kigali City,Mr Ndayisaba Fidel were the invited guests to provide more clarifications about these changes.


A Radio 10 journalist Mr Umuhire  Valentin participated in the debate as a journalist who assesses the implementation of the new policy.

Dr Alexis started with defining that policy ,saying that this policy came in as a response to a lack of enough buses to provide quality transport services to Rwandans.  He said that this policy has been analysed by all entities,including Rwandans who provided their ideas on the issue.

If you assessed all the issues embodied on the problem, do you mean that the current problems were not thought about before? Muvunyi asks Dr Nzahabwanimana.

Of course not,we have thought about all necessary ways to ensure security and comfort to passengers by making sure that businesses  owners fulfill all requirements to do so,responds Dr Alexis.

The Mayor of Kigali city, Fidele Ndayisaba(photo Farouk Kaweesi)
The Mayor of Kigali city, Fidele Ndayisaba(photo Farouk Kaweesi)

However for Mayor Ndayisaba Fidel every new policy needs more time to bear fruits and he assures Rwandans that they  will be familiar with  it as it grows.

We intended to help passengers get  both to  their working places and home quicker and on time, added Mr Ndayisaba Fidel

Asked about the effectiveness of the policy Mr Umuhire Valentin responded that still the policy is not effective enough as Kigali inhabitants report to journalists.

I have received numerous calls telling me that they have been waiting for buses so long, saying that this policy is not responding to their aspirations, Mr Umuhire told Isango Star.

Dr Alexis-Nzahabwanimana
Dr Alexis Nzahabwanimana

Both Dr Nzahabwanimana and Mayor Ndayisaba denied this,saying that they personally follow the implementation of the policy and find that it goes  smoothly and productive.

Ms Solange Ayanone journalist who led the show alongside Muvunyi Fred, played recordings of people who affirm that they delay to arrive to their working places due to this new system, claims that  both authorities found exaggerating.

Valentin Umuhire,Journalist
Valentin Umuhire,Journalist

UmuhireValentin said that he  has made further research on this issue and report people’s views to politicians,meaning he said what he knows as a fact.

Why did you choose to give the bid to only three companies?, asks Solange to Dr Alexis.

Dr Alexis affirms the bid is not only provided to only companies. Three companies work with other small companies working together to  provide same services.

Mayor Ndayisaba Fidel assures Rwandans that positive impacts of the new system will be achieved as it grows.

“We recognize that every new system brings upon challenges but we urge Rwandans to report every poor services to either Police or RURA agents so to make it effective They can call to these  free phone numbers 3260,3988 ” added Mr Ndayisaba.

About the issue that small taxis are permitted to operate industry roads,where few passengers take taxis,Mayor responded  this is set as such to help different taxis of different sizes to operate in areas that better match with the capabilities.

Asked on the role of the journalism in informing the population on the new system,Mr Umuhire Valentin said that media has done its duties and keeps on doing so through different means.

In general,the authorities present at the show agree on the fact that the new transport system faces challenges that need time and efforts to be handled.

PS Dr Nzahabwanimana promised that soon this program will be effective and will qualify Rwanda as one of the smartest countries in Africa in as far as public transport system is concerned,something that journalists will assess its success.

This weekly show is made up in the collaboration of Institut Panos Paris and ARJ(Association Rwandaise Des Journalistes).The show passes to RadioIsango Star and Radio Inkoramutima.

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