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Today the 7th ,June,2013,  a  new cabinet members sworn in.In  a ceremony that was under the auspices of His Excellence Paul Kagame,Mr Johnston Busingye, Stella Ford Mugabo and Musangabatware Clément sworn in in front of cabinet members and high officials in the Government.

His Excellence Paul Kagame,President of the Republic of Rwanda

The event took place at the Parliamentary Building located at Kimihurura.In his remarks,the President of the Republic welcomed new members for their  newly appointed  jobs that require  more efforts  this year than the preceding one.

“Our first duty is to develop our nation and solve problems any time they  occur.This year is full of work more than the preceding one”declared the President of the Republic.To conclude his   short speech to  members of Government, His Excellence thanked the congregation for its support to the new members of the cabinet.

Today I don’t have  much to tell you,but there will be an occasion to clarify some points later on” said The President.“I wish you  enjoyable celebration to you invited ones” concluded the President of the Republic of Rwanda,Paul Kagame.

Mr Johnson Busingye was the Principle Judge of the East African Court of Justice(EACJ),while Stella Ford Mugabo occupied the Public Sector Capacity Building Secretary. Mr Busingye is appointed The Minister of Justice and State Official spokesperson .The National Constitution allows the President of the Republic to name new cabinet members anytime  necessary.Mr Musangabatware is appointed as a Vice Ombudsman .

Other officials  appointed for high positions in the government but who did not swear in at that occasion  are Amb Kimonyo James appointed as the Chief of Cabinet in the Prime Ministry and Mr Rwakunda Céléstin appointed as Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Infrastructures.Their swearing in ceremony will take place later on.

Minister Busingye of Ministry of Justice
Minister Stella Ford Mugabo of Cabinet Affairs (MINICAAF)
Musangabatware Clément,Vice Ombudsman
Minister  Gen Kabarebe (MINADEF) and Minister Mukantabana (MIDMAR).


High officials of the Government posing with new members with His Excellence Paul Kagame
Family Busingye with His Excellence Paul Kagame
Family Ford with His Excellence Paul Kagame
Family Clément with President Paul Kagame
His Excellence posing with two young girls who attended the celemony


Nizeyimana Jean Pierre