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Last night the Executive Secretary of the Muhanga district has been arrested by the National Police for his alleged money laundering activities. The National Police have conducted intensive investigation about the claims according which the executive secretary Gasana Celse has signed three NSF(Non Sufficient Funds) checks to the AS Muhanga team players, a team that is under the management of the District.

The Executive Secretary Gasana Celese who is jailed
The Executive Secretary Gasana Celse who is jailed

In the past month, the Police spokesperson in the South Province said that Police was conducting further investigation about a suspect who provided NSF checks to players, but the suspect was not known.

The financial check-up in the Muhanga conducted tonight by the Province authorities have releaved the Mr Gasana has signed NSF checks to the players.

Lastly the AS Muhanga players denied playing the match with the APR FC for salaries delays issues.

According the UM– USEKE reporter in Muhanga, the Executive secretary of the Muhanga district was brought to jail with a mattress to lie upon at night period.

Gasana is accused of having signed three NSF checks to the players of AS Muhanga football players. Among other suspects include the finance manager of the AS Muhanga football team.

The Spokesperson Chief Superintendent Hubert Gashagaza has confirmed the news according which the Executive secretary has been jailed to money laundering cases.

He added that further investigation relating to the misuse of the public funds is conducted.

The legal sanctions against the people found guilty for the charges include in between two and five years of imprisonment and a payment ten times bigger than the amount signed for on the bank check.