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Local leaders in Muhanga and citizens met this morning to discuss on measures to counter fight the growing terror ideologies among the youth especially from the Muslim as recent cases have shown.

Both locals and authorities met to discouss on issues related to counter terrorism
Both locals and authorities met to discuss on issues related to counter terrorism

As the conversations progressed, speakers underlined the difference between real and honest Muslims from terrorism and extremism.

300 leaders at the cell levels retaliated the fact that there are no tangible signs of terrorist actions to take place in their respective administrative areas.

However, a young person has been captured, being suspected for being linked to a terror network.

He was from Mushishiro sector and was gunned down in Bugarama sector, Rusizi district as he attempted to free away from the Police.

The Mayor of Muhanga district Beatrice Uwamariya told media that it was an occasion to highlight that her district is free of any terror attempt.

Uwamariya evoked, however, the need to uphold the preventive measures about his trend and this should be an endeavor for every Rwandan.

Sheikh Ali Kanyankore Vice Imam of the Muhanga district said that the uhanga district is free of any terror trends, adding the aim of any real Muslim to to nurture and uphold peace among fellow humans.

The RDF’ Colonel Paul Gaston NYEMAZI told participants the army has an open eye on anyone willing to destabilize the security of Rwandan citizens.

Col Nyemazi  called locals to share information about any threat as to  stop it from being concrete.

One of the measures taken in this regard is to keep registering incoming and outgoing people in all cells as to track the suspected ones.


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