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As Rwanda ends the cultural week,the Muhanga Prison  won different cultural awards during a cultural competition that took place at Muhanga District Office. 

Muhanga Prison Tradition dancers,live performance!
Muhanga Prison Tradition dancers,live performance!

The contest was planned by Muhanga District to help inhabitants learn more form Rwandan cultural heritage.

Among different activities made,include poetry ,singing, dancing, and playing tradition games such as Igisoro.

The Muhanga Prison won both from the dancing and signing traditional songs.It also won the award reserved for a genius poet.

All in all six trophies were given to Muhanga Prison as the best achiever of the contest.

Ndayisaba the winner of two trophies,representing the Prison, told Umuseke reporter that the week is a tremendously enjoyable week which helps people to learn more about Rwandan culture and tie peaceful relationships among themselves.


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