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This Tuesday, May, 03, the telecommunication company MTN told media that its clients will be visiting the Wikipedia pages without .

She displays how the Wikipedia will be working while used by the MTN users
She displays to the audience how the Wikipedia will be working while used by the MTN users

In the launching of the new mobile app to be used by MTN clients were the Minister of education Dr Vincent Birunta, the Minister of ICT and youth, Jean Philbert Nsengimana.

Both Ministers urged Rwandans to integrate the use of ICT in their daily activities as to foster the economic development of both the individuals and the nation at large.

The new app is meant to be used by both students and researchers to increase their learning abilities and knowledge.

The Minister of education Dr Biruta said that the Wikipedia  pages are visited in the schools both secondary and universities at different  levels.

He however warned the students to use the page cautiously as these web pages can be used in wrong ways by inexperienced users.

Accoding to the Minister of Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana over 65 per cent of Rwandans who have internet gadgets in their mobile phones do not use the internet.

He nevertheless added that the number of the internet users keeps increasing and has reached 20 per cent in the recent years.

For him, Rwandans face the challenges relating to the lack or the insufficiency of ICT related skills.

The lack of economic fitness also hampers a significant portion of Rwandans from accessing and using the ICT gadgets, Minister  J. Philbert Nsengimana said.

In Africa there are over 90 million of internet users who use the Wikipedia.

MTN launches this new internet search engine for over 3,5 million of MTN subscribers.

According to the statistics, 27 per cent of all Rwandans are the ones who use internet to a regular basis.

Minister of Education( left) anad the Minister of youth and ICT( right) attending the press conference
Minister of Education Dr Biruta Vincent ( left) and the Minister of youth and ICT Jean Philbert Nsengimana ( right) attending the press conference
The MTN subscribers can visit the Wikipedia freely
The MTN subscribers can visit the Wikipedia pages  freely


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