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President Paul Kagame is currently presenting his candidature as the flag bearer of the RPF Inkotanyi. He arrived at the NEC around 12 h30. Many partisans of the RPF Inkoranyi were numerous to the electoral organ to support their candidate. The Head of State arrived at the NEC Headquarters after another private candidate Mpayimana Phillipe brought his candidate to the National Electoral Commission to be assessed, validated or rejected.

President Kagame in the NEC presenting requirements compete in the coming presidential elections

He becomes the sixth one to present the papers to the electoral organ for to run for the upcoming presidential elections to take place on August, 03-04, 2017.

Phillipe Mpayimana arrived at the NEC in white colored car. I was around 11h00 a.m this Thursday.

The private presidential candidate has told reporters and the NEC that he is still searching for other lacking required papers, adding that they will not delay to be available and presented to the NEC.

 The NEC has received his candidature so far.

He told reporters that he encountered difficulties in getting people willing to sign for him as some of them hesitated to do so.

For him, this shows how people are do not exercise their democratic rights.

He urged Rwandans to avoid the misunderstanding according which the vote should be given to the ruling ones.

Mpayimana affirms to be ready to campaign as he has enough means to compete.

He said that he encountered difficulties in getting people willing to sign for him
He is confident that once his candidature would be validated, he will compete for the presidency


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