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As the sun was welcoming the noon on this Monday, AmaG The Black was shooting his new video called ‘Nturi Njye’. A Rwandan movie star, Antoinette Uwamahoro known as ‘Siperansiya’ in ‘SEBURIKOKO’, a movie broadcasted on RTV, is to show up in this new video.

AmaG and Siperansiya shooting the video

AmaG says he’s privileged to have a popular and thoughtful woman like her in his new video expected to be released on this Thursday after one week for its audio.

In the interview with Umuseke, Antoinette reveals she feels comfortable to act in this video and that she is ready to even show up in others. She, however, proves she can’t do so for those videos whose message is not as good as she wants.

In this video, ‘Nturi Njye’, Siperansiya acts sensitizing her baby boy to go to school despite the fact that the latter is only concerned with starship in music industry.

The core message of this song is that all people were created the same but all and sundry chooses his/her own lifestyle.

“If I am a Rayon Sports fan, no single person will order me to support another one. You can’t take Gitwaza’s follower to Rugagi’s Church. So, I want to underscore that everybody has his/her own choice.” AmaG pinpoints.

AmaG says that people ought to respect others’ choices for they are different

Siperansiya (in video), doing some works at home
This boy is really keen to be a star in music, her mother, Siperansiya, advises him to go to school

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